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The great news is that there is no wiring, LED's or weight placed on the wheel other than a specially developed self adhesive rim tape which will keep glowing long after the bike has been powered of and parked in your garage. Even whilst turned on, our Patented Molten Rhok system places almost no load on your battery. Please watch our real video footage.
Ever  seen the movie TRON ??? Ever  seen the movie TRON ??? Ever  seen the movie TRON ???
Pictured above is an actual customer's motorcycle, there is no trick photography or "photo-shopping" involved.
WHAT MOLTEN RHOK IS: Awesome looking and a real head turner. A great safety feature improving night visibility drastically. A weightless self adhesive rim tape which is powered from an external source. A simple DIY install with comprehensive instructions which takes 1 to 2 hours. A kit supplied with all wiring and components to do the job…. Nothing else is required. Ultra lightweight, waterproof and designed to be used in external environments. Negligible power consumption from the electrical system. The system is invisible on the bike except for the rim tape. A guaranteed quality product backed by full warranty from a company that prides itself on customer service… RHOK WHAT MOLTEN RHOK IS NOT: It's not a system that adds weight, wiring or LED lights to your wheels. It's not intrusive and does not affect performance, handling or safety in any way. It is not a complicated, expensive system requiring lots of time effort and technical ability to install. SIZING: The rim tape is computer cut by us and pre curved to the exact diameter of your wheels. This means super easy application with no bending required and definitely no wrinkles. This means we can custom curve your tape to any diameter wheel. 17 inch is our standard design but let us know your wheel sizes and we will supply you with the tape that is exactly matched to your wheels at no extra charge. A perfect fit every time. PRICING: The full kit to do both sides of both wheels including all wiring, connectors, comprehensive instructions and everything required for a complete installation is $129.00 AUD. Express post delivery within Australia is $15. Overseas customers will pay a little more for postage….. Please contact us with your location so that we can calculate shipping for you.
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